Hereford Horror

In the tradition of Blumhouse Productions and Hammer Films, Hereford has a chilling slate of high concept, international genre films for production in 2017...


Not all nightmares end when you wake up...

Following a car accident in which her younger sister lost her life, teenager April Lauren finds herself experiencing horrifying sleep paralysis. Feeling her dead sister’s presence, she investigates the phenomena and discovers supernatural forces at work which could destroy her family and give life to an ancient evil from beyond the grave. A Nightmare On Elm Street meets Insidious.

Starring Kate Magowan and Louisa Connolly Burnham
Written by Adam Stephen Kelly
Directed by Ryan Andrews
Filming 2017


There is no escape...

A group of teens seek shelter from a storm in an old house… its sole occupant a terrified man confined to a chalk pentagram on the floor… when they unwittingly set him free they find themselves trapped within the symbol’s magical barrier… outside in the shadows lurks a terrifying evil known only as the collector. Like swimmers stranded on a rock in shark infested waters they are picked off one by one… but it isn’t just their lives in danger… its their souls. Panic room meets The Conjuring.

Written and directed by Matthew McGuchan
Filming 2017



From the depths of the ocean… a new breed of terror

In a quiet California seaside town an ancient evil is awakening. As Siren-like shapeshifters emerge from the depths of the sea on a murderous rampage, cousins Kirsten and Simone must face their greatest fears if they are to survive. A stylish 80s-style horror film with an iconic new screen monster.

Written and Directed by David Paul Irons
Starring Lucy Drive


Evil is revealed...

When the Walker family move into their new house they see it as a fresh start. But when Mitch and their young son Pete uncover a bricked up basement room they stumble upon half a century old apparatus for Kirlian Photography - the process of photographing a person’s aura, good or evil. Messing about with the equipment Mitch takes a picture of Pete revealing terrifying ghost children in the background, triggering a series of horrifying events as a long buried evil rises and renews its quest for the souls of children. Ouija meets sinister.

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